the musketeers - behind the musket

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I think this guy was born in the wrong era. He’s like a classic 1930s heartthrob. If it ever turns out he can dance, too, I’m going to insist that he’s the reincarnation of Bing Crosby. 

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but I don’t see you falling for that to gain

Kate Davis, Postmodern Jukebox - cover of All About that Bass

Charlotte Brontë


Charlotte Brontë goes up to the counter for a cup of tea and Reader, she orders it!



I found the original version of the stand up video which does not have a watermark, is cropped nicely and has a better resolution. If anyone wants me to I will even remake the stripper GIFS so that you can enjoy them in even more graphic detail.

(Don’t act like you don’t love them. I see those views on Flickr. This one is the most popular so far, followed closely by this one. He really should imitate strippers more often.)

More information on this: According to this description and this really old TV listing this clip was part of The Stand Up Show which aired on BBC 1 on 25 April 2002.

Now I’ve seen Richard Ayoade mime sucking cocks and being a stripper. What a world we live in. 

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Costumed in an assortment of sun hats and wispy day dresses, and one ravishing scarlet evening gown, Ms. Garai hurls herself at the role as though it were some bouncy castle of the soul. Her approach to acting is physical, visceral, high-wire stuff. Even playing a dying woman like Flora, she seems irrepressibly alive. In rehearsal, Mr. Stoppard had to urge some restraint. “He told me early on that when Flora spoke, ‘She’s not setting off a bomb in the room,’ ” recalled Ms. Garai. “Which was very helpful.”