I’m going to murder you a thousand times.

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eleven questions! strange! internet!

I was tagged by the *fabulous* arielfabulous, so here you go…


1. always post the rules.

2. answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote and write 11 new ones.

3. tag 11 new people.

4. actually tell them you tagged them

Question: tumblr does tell you when someone mentions you in a text post now, right? if someone tells me this is not true I’ll go and bother you guys…

arielfabulous’s questions!

  1. what’s your favorite fictional villain and why? Ok he’s not quite a villain (but he is an ass)—St. John of Jane Eyre fame, the guy is so mean he hates cookies and stomps on flowers and then gives himself up for god, so really quite humorous in my book.
  2. What is your least favorite kitchen utensil and why? tongs. always tongs. you think “yes I have closed the tongs,” you place them in the salad and then PWHOM they are open and salad is everywhere.
  3. Is there a trope or fanfiction tag that will persuade you to read the fic, no matter what? girl-disguised-as-boy-enters-dude-only-private-school. EVERY TIME.
  4. Do you have a favorite sequel? Is it better or worse than the original? Usually I just feel like good sequels bring something totally new? Like for Lev Grossman’s The Magicians the sequel was so necessary (and yes better? but you couldn’t have gotten there without the first one) and say Evelyn Waugh’s Officers and Gentlemen was just a perfect trilogy so. The question was favorite sequel, though… gonna have to say any of the Martin Millar Kalix the Werewolf sequels—I could keep reading them FOREVER.
  5. If you were old enough and not in a situation where it would be inappropriate, would you sleep with one of your (past) school teachers/professors? I say yes, and I’m not saying I have an example in mind but I might be saying that.
  6. What is your go to outfit for “I had a shitty day and just want to cuddle up in a large blanket and binge-watch media content”? My droopy soft grey sweater with uber-long sleeves and long socks and pajama pants. Notice how this is basically a winter activity. I guess I can’t let myself have a shitty day in the summer? Strange…
  7. Describe your ideal date: First the power goes out in the restaurant and as we leave, sneaking the fancy desserts off of the plates of other customers, we hear sirens. They have come for us. We race to the roof where under the cover of air system filters we eat the cake, giving us strength for the next leg of our high-stakes crime journey. (But actually, anything involving parks, pastries, or movies.)
  8. Would you rather have the power of flight or invisibility? FLIGHT. I CAN FLYYYYYY (Ping Pong reference there for all my Japanese film friends).
  9. Have you ever shit in the woods? If so, STORY PLEASE :) No, please and thank you.
  10. Pirates or Ninjas? This is a loaded internet question that I don’t know the background to. So when I say Pirates it is just because OCEAN.
  11. and to keep the tradition of this stolen question alive, what are your top five favorite fics? I really just have two, one being the Shoebox Project. The other is a Phantom/Meg fic I read ages and ages ago only once and I really don’t think it will stand the test of time but IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

my questions for ya’ll:

  1. Tell us your top can’t-live-without-this-song of the moment.
  2. Vegetables or fruits?
  3. Who is the person in your life who would go Bonnie and Clyde with you if you asked?
  4. Tallest building you’ve been in? Are you afraid of heights?
  5. Super-speed or stopping time (super-power-wise)?
  6. And because that was pretty boring, perfect pitch or great rhythm?
  7. That one profession that you don’t want to do but you love everyone who does and are just fascinated by?
  8. Three WANTS you have right now (big or small, in the next five minutes or the next fifty years)?
  9. Scarves or hats?
  10. Garlic or onions?
  11. and to keep the tradition of this stolen question alive, what are your top five favorite fics? (or top five favorite covers of songs if you aren’t a fic person)

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Love foxes

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the photographs speak for themselves. 


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